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Kenzap Affiliate Program. Getting Started.

By launching our new affiliate program in 2020 we create new income opportunities not only for amateur marketing gurus but for newcomers as well. The Difference As you have already noticed most affiliate programs pay fixed percent commissions. However most often it happens only during the first purchase a new buyer makes. What if the … Continue reading

Kenzap Marketplace Listing Title Guidelines

Listing title is the first thing a potential buyer sees. It is important to make it informative, professional and straight to the point. Make sure to include the most relevant information only as this will help customers reach your listing faster. Good Title Example Organic Instagram Marketing Service Madang WordPress Theme Customization Service MySQL to … Continue reading

Trademark Use and Guidelines

Using Trademark without consent is a strict violation which may result in account suspension and service listing removal. The purpose of this article is to explain what you can and can’t use in your listing when it comes to trademarks, logos and branded products. Listing is a landing page that describes your your service, your personal profile … Continue reading

Listing Your First Offer with Kenzap

Listing your first offer with Kenzap is easy but you first need to be accepted into the platform. I recommend you get through this Getting Started article first. Once you have showed sufficient level of expertise to Kenzap you may list your first offer. Go to My Account > My Offer and click on Create … Continue reading

Getting Started with Kenzap

Kenzap is a marketplace where talents from all over the world list their professional services. Kenzap gives additional tool to ensure cross-border collaboration is safe and convenient. In order to maintain high quality of service marketplace handles billing, legal and other seamless aspects to ensure satisfied user experience. The target audience of Kenzap are mainly … Continue reading

How to Build Kubernetes Cluster from Scratch

This guide is a full stack solution for micro-service architect beginners who need to find answers to the following questions: How to setup a Kubernetes cluster How to deploy any technology stack (PHP, Apache, MySQL in this example) containers How to build custom docker images and run them in Kubernetes How to organize comfortable CI/CD development environment … Continue reading – Talent Marketplace. How to Earn & Get Started?

Unlike other popular online freelance resources focuses exclusively on IT related services to safely connect businesses and talented people on long-term basis across the globe. The marketplace is an open platform where two sides can collaborate the way they find it most convenient for them without any restrictions related to the use of messaging … Continue reading