MyTicket theme – Advanced event search and filtering

if your ticketing website has hundreds of events posted online it might be very convenient to use advanced filtering and search feature that is built into this product. Example image is provided below. You can filter events by:

  • Month
  • Location
  • Keywords
  • Price
  • Multiple categories
  • Tags

MyTicket theme - event listing and advanced widget filtering.
In order to create advanced event filtering interface go to Pages > Add New > Add Widget and find MyTicket Events List widget. Make sure you have ticked the checkboxes under additional settings tab (Disable Title, Wide Content).

Myticket theme - event search and filtering interface WordPress admin.

When you hover the widget and click edit various customization options will show up. Follow customization hints to fill in all the required fields correctly. There are three sidebars available for Sidebar Source setting:

  • MyTicket Sidebar #1
  • MyTicket Sidebar #2
  • MyTicket Sidebar #3

For example, if you select MyTicket Sidebar #2 then under Appearance > Widgets setting of your admin you need to add appropriate widgets under MyTicket Sidebar 2 container. See the image below.

MyTicket theme - filtering widget selection.

Verify if category filtering widgets have MyTicket prefix in title. MyTicket theme supports Ajax requests that makes event search faster and more optimized. Make sure that you do not put MyTicket prefixed widgets under ordinary Sidebar widget container as they will not function properly under default WooCommerce pages. If you any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us by using the forms below.

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