Overriding hall order summary table [MyTicket Events plugin]

Hall layout order summary table. MyTicket Event plugin.

You can set up custom summary table for each layout individually. You can use the default layout located under MyTicket Events > templates > layouts > summary-table-default.php as shown in the image below.

summary-table-default.php screenshot. MyTicket Events plugin.

Currently the following fields are supported:

  • {{ticket_text}} – ticket seat number
  • {{ticket_zone_title}} – ticket zone title
  • {{ticket_row}} – ticket price per seat
  • {{ticket_zone_id}} – ticket zone id
  • {{ticket_cf..}} – where cf.. can be cf1, cf2 and defined as custom field under myticket.kenzap.cloud dashboard

Do not customize summary-table-default.php directly under the plugin folder but copy it to your theme root folder under myticket-events/layouts/ folder instead.

The full path example should look the following way: …your_theme/myticket-events/layouts/custom-table-name.php

Note that you can also change default file name, for example, summary-table-default.php to custom-table-name.php.

Once the new file is copied and renamed you can adjust its structure. You can relocate and replace values stored in curly brackets.

summary-table-default.php file structure of MyTicket Events plugin

Values stored under curly brackets will be automatically replaced when the content is rendered on the frontend of your website. The last step is to activate new table structure.

In order to do so copy and your file name custom-table-name (without .php extension) to the right pane of MyTicket Hall layout “Summary table” setting as shown in the image below.

Summary table setting

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