Madang theme – Nutrition facts tables

Nutrition facts table is a must for every consumable product sold in any supermarket or grocery shop. Madang theme come with an extension to create custom nutrition facts tables of your woo-commerce products that are sold online. The image below is an example of one nutrition table. You can create as many tables with custom structure as required by your project. Click here to see nutrition facts table online.

Madang WordPress theme - nutrition facts table.

If you are not familiar with HTML it is not recommended to create your first table from scratch but better to use demo content to see how each row of the table is formatted. The table structure can be defined under Nutritions table of your admin panel. See the image below for reference.

Defining structure on nutrition facts tables in WordPress.

It is not mandatory to fill in every row of the table. The structure of every table is as following:

  • Table title
  • Table subtitle
  • Amount per serving record
  • Vitamin record
  • Hint record
  • Table sum-up record

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