Mina theme – Create first reservation calendar

You can organize the flow of your clients by setting up an appointment/booking calendars. This guide ensures you already have your products set up. To see the calendar refer to the image below or see it in live.

Mina theme - calendar for bookings, reservations and appointments

In order to create your first Booking Calendar that can later be used and linked with multiple single and/or variable products please go to Calendars > Add New section. Fill in Booking Calendar Template Structure that includes:

  • Calendar Range
  • Weeks start from
  • First Booking
  • Calendar Exclusions
  • Stock management

Mina theme - custom booking calendar structure definition.

Click on Add Reservation Time Slot button to create time blocks. See the image below.

Mina theme - calendar time slots set up.

Once all the data is provided click on blue Publish or Save button and from main Calendars section page copy the calendar ID number and paste it to Products > Edit product  > Booking Options > Calendar Template ID field.

Mina theme - get calendar ID number.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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2 comments on “Mina theme – Create first reservation calendar”

  1. Something that is missing from this plugin is the ability to block dates in the calendar. Now it is only possible to block a recurring day of the week, but not for instance a holiday.
    Having the possibility to block day and timeslot would allow the manager to disallow further reservations on a certain time slot.
    Even better would be that it is also automatically managed by the order made on the website. But even then, being able to block certain time slots is very useful. Would it be possible to add this functionality?

    1. “Would it be possible to add this functionality?” Yes we admit that this would be a nice feature to have but so far no one requested similar functionality. Usually we start implementing new functionality free of charge once at least 5 similar requests are made.

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