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Sekolah theme – Individual teacher profiles

Having public profiles of lecturers, teachers and tutors is a good way to increase interactivity and online engagement. Public profile extension of Sekolah theme can also help connect teachers and students and improve overall communication. Every profile is customizable. It is possible to publish bio, e-learning details, position, social networks, skills, related courses, link to private contact … Continue reading

Sekolah theme – List school excursions or college events

Sekolah theme supports custom excursion post type. With the help of this post type you can list notable events, excursions and important activities, set location, extra details and time. You can aggregate excursions by different categories and allow visitors to  submit application forms and have immediate notifications directly to your email address. In order to … Continue reading

Sekolah theme – Create timetables for schools or colleges

Unlike Sekolah academic calendar widget timetable widget provide a more detailed representation or everyday tasks and workflow. Timetables are good for: Lesson organization Session or exam representation E-learning administration School or college timetable To define your fist timetable go to Timetables > Add New section of your admin. And provide the data under the following tabs: … Continue reading

Sekolah theme – Create academic calendar

Sekolah theme allows you to create custom range and style calendars. Feel free to use calendars for: social activity events lesson timetable examination and sessions timetable school and college needs workflow organization In order to ensure extra calendar functionality Sekolah theme adds custom calendar post type to your WordPress. Each month of the calendar is … Continue reading