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How to Create WordPress Website to Sell Event Tickets

In order to manage events online and sell them professionally you may need something like Ticketing WordPress theme from Kenzap as it supports most of the functionality that any event organizer potentially needs. With this solution you will be able to: List upcoming and past events Search events globally and filter them on the fly … Continue reading

How to Create a Website to Sell Stuff in WordPress

If you are reading this article you are probably interested in creating your own online shop to sell something online and earn some money. Before you continue reading this guide it is recommended that you define what of product you are trying to sell as this will help you find a better solution for your … Continue reading

How to Create a Website for Catering in WordPress

If your business is about food delivery then Salad WordPress theme is a ready to go solution for you. It will perfectly look on on any device type and comes with such prebuilt layouts as: Banners Product categories Galleries Call to action elements Pricing tables and lists Google map Timelines Blog Product lists and grids … Continue reading

How to Make an Online Business Website

If you are wondering how to create and launch a website for online business you most likely know what of niche your business is about. Defining the niche is really important because it will help you find solutions that your business actually needs. This guide will help you get the most of what is available … Continue reading

How to Make a Website for a Bicycle Shop in WordPress

Showcase featured bicycles of the upcoming year, connect e-commerce module to convert your visitors into customers and create professional looking blog that search engines will love. All this can come in one package with WordPress GoWezz theme. Step 1 – Launching Bicycle Shop Even though you can enjoy the freedom of open source WordPress the … Continue reading

How to Create a Website for Yoga Classes in WordPress

If you are a yoga teacher or someone who needs to organize yoga classes online in WordPress then this article is for you. With the help of YogaYuk WordPress theme you can add professional online presence that will attract new clients and help existing stay closer to your brand. With the help of this theme … Continue reading

How to Create a Website for Carpentry in WordPress

As stated in the heading of this article it will be about creating a website for carpentry business. The theme name we are going to use is WoodWork and it contains prebuilt layouts and pages that are necessary for companies or individuals to showcase their services in a professional way. Step 1 – Launching Carpentry … Continue reading

How to Create a Website for Insurance Company

This guide will show you how to create a modern and professional looking website for such business niches as: Legal & Law services Advocate agencies Financial institutions Retirement & saving account services Loan & credit companies Tax advisory services Step 1 – Creating Website As market and technologies evolve now you almost do not need … Continue reading

How to Enable Debug Log in WordPress

While creating and maintaining your website you may encounter various issues, bugs and misconfigurations. One of the ways to diagnose your problems is by enabling debug log or mode of your WordPress website. Step 1 – Access WordPress Files Sometimes you may not be able to do everything from WordPress admin due to restricted permissions … Continue reading