Author: Alina

How to Add a Stunning Looking Testimonials Slider to Your Website

This article explains in details how to add and customize a nice looking testimonials slider block that can be edited in live with WordPress Gutenberg editor. For this purpose you need: WordPress website up and running Kenzap Core theme pre-installed (optional) Kenzap Testimonials plugin pre-installed Once the mentioned above components are up and running add … Continue reading

What is Kenzap Core Theme

Kenzap Core theme is a minimalistic WordPress theme developed to work together with Gutenberg content editor in WordPress. By default all premium and even free themes add additional overhead that may slow down your website or result in conflicts when used together with third-party plugins and Gutenberg blocks. The global idea behind this theme is … Continue reading

How to Add Beautiful Grid Gallery to Your Website

This article explains in details how to add and customize a beautiful grid gallery section under your website using Gutenberg editor. For this you need: A running WordPress website Preferably Kenzap Core theme pre-installed (optional) Kenzap Gallery plugin pre-installed Once the required components are installed you can add the Gallery block as displayed in the … Continue reading

How to Launch Minimalistic Website in 3 Easy Steps

This article is about creating a minimalistic website and publishing it online using WordPress Content Management System (CMS). There are hundreds of other competing articles online with similar topics so lets first highlight what are the main differences here. Probably you have already noticed the word minimalistic in the title of this article so this … Continue reading

How to Create Custom Concert Hall in WordPress with Seat Reservation

This article is intended for those who want to create their own Concert Hall, Stadium or other Venue related layout in WordPress that supports Seat Reservation and ticket selling capabilities. Before you continue you may need these things set up first: WordPress environment setup MyTicket Events plugin installed WooCommerce plugin installed Image of your layout … Continue reading

How to Create Beautiful Event Calendar in WordPress

This guide will help you set up event calendar and publish it on your website by using MyTicket Events Plugin. Note that the image above is only one variation example. There are multiple parameters on how you can customize the layout. This includes colors, button shapes, image aspect ratio (horizontal, square, vertical) and other settings. … Continue reading

How to Use MyTicket Scanner App to Validate Tickets

MyTicket Events WordPress plugin comes with free Android Application that is available on Play Market. It allows you to validate tickets with printed QR-code on it. Tickets are PDF printouts that can be customized according to your needs. How Does the Application Work? When the application scans the QR-code that is generated by MyTicket Events … Continue reading

What is MyTicket Events Plugin and How to List Your First Event

MyTicket Events is a WordPress plugin publicly available under official WordPress repository. It is used as a backing technology in some popular commercial and premium WordPress themes that are sold on such marketplaces as Themeforest or Template Monster. This plugin is mainly used for event organization, listing and ticket selling. It extends popular WooCommerce plugin’s … Continue reading

How to Customize PDF Ticket with MyTicket Events Plugin?

Before you continue reading this article it is recommend to check Introduction to MyTicket Events Plugin article first to better understand how this plugin might be useful to you. With the help of MyTicket Events plugin you can generate beautiful PDF printouts suitable for: conference badges meetup events concert attendees party organizers other event types … Continue reading

How to Integrate Concert Hall Seat Layout into WordPress

If you plan to organize an event, performance, match, concert, completion you may to integrate a hall layout into an interactive module on your website where users can book and checkout tickets per seat. In order to create and integrate layout you may need the following things: An example image of your hall, stadium layout … Continue reading